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Articles about Saint Joseph have been a much appreciated page on our site. If you have seen any interesting article on the web that you think will fit in here, please do not hesitate to send us mail through our Contact Us section. We will gladly look and read through the article, and maybe add it here. St Joseph articles have around 26, 000, 000 hits on Google and it is constantly increasing, which shows the great interest in the Patron Saint Joseph

Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of environment

Born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone and later nicknamed ‘Francesco’ meaning the Frenchman, St Francis of Assisi is one of the most celebrated saints in the Catholic Church. He was the son of a prosperous silk trader and a mother of noble extraction. In his youth, the young Francis enjoyed the life of opulence afforded by his father’s wealth, which is rather interesting because he would later… Read more.

Saint George: Turkish-born Roman soldier celebrated as the patron saint of England

Many people wrongly believe that the patron saint of England, Saint George, is of English heritage. However, despite being the symbol of the famed English principles of gallantry, chivalry and honor, George’s roots have nothing to do with England. Additionally, the life story of St. George as we know it today is not based on verifiable facts for the simple reason that very little or nothing at… Read more.

Patron saints for the blind: Raphael, Lucy and Odilia of Alsace

Blindness affects many people around the world. Blind people, however, are just as capable as anyone else. Faith is an important factor for the blind. Faith helps guide them where they cannot see. Faith protects them from the dangers they do not see coming. Faith helps them achieve greatness as anyone else does. Faith in God and the saints helps blind people see in their minds and souls. Blindness… Read more.

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I buried St. Joseph upside down in my front yard 6 months ago and my house hasn't sold yet but I am now able to get my husband's Social Security checks and can afford… Read more.

This worked for me a couple of years ago when I bought and planted a statue of Saint Joseph in my garden. Now I have ordered the blue selling kit to my brother and his… Read more.

I knew my statue had to come from you! We never even had time to bury him. I bought the statue the day we found out my husband´s company would be transferring him. We… Read more.

I just wanted to say that in 2008 I was selling my house as I was getting married and moving to my new husband's house, but didn't think my house would sell since houses in my neighborhood had been for… Read more.

I was doing some research on St. Joseph and decided to order the home kit. Our home had been on the market 2 weeks with a few showings. The night i buried St. Joseph my family thought I was nuts. In… Read more.