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A Saint Joseph Home Sale kit is a great tradition, an additional help to have faith in the home sale and a most appreciated gift to friends in need of a little divine help. This is our most exclusive, and also our most sold, Home selling kit. It's a small painted statue that fits perfect in a place of honor after the home sale is finished.

St Joseph Home Sales Kit 4


Product Description

The St Joseph Home Sales Kit 4″ has helped thousands of people to sell their Home. Read the testimonials for some different stories from people who bought and buried a statue of Saint Joseph.

Our most sold kit is St Joseph Home Selling Kit, a painted kit better for display after you have sold it, you find it here.

If you want a statue that is better for display or as a gift, check out or most sold St Joseph Kit here, a perfect gift for you or a friend in need!

“Ask, Believe, Trust”

  • St Joseph Home Sales Kit 4″ includes:
  • One 4″ statue of St. Joseph
  • An Introduction of St. Joseph
  • A Petition to St. Joseph
  • The Way of St. Joseph


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