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A Saint Joseph Home Sale kit is a great tradition, an additional help to have faith in the home sale and a most appreciated gift to friends in need of a little divine help. This is our most exclusive, and also our most sold, Home selling kit. It's a small painted statue that fits perfect in a place of honor after the home sale is finished.

St Joseph Home Selling kit


Product Description

The Saint Joseph Home Selling Kit is a beautiful kit that makes a perfect gift to a friend who need help selling their Home.

It is our most sold Home Sales Kit of St Joseph statues.  It is also the most common kit that Real Estate Agents are using to help their customers to make a fast and good deal for their property.  Complement your sale kit with the St. Joseph Worker Book. Including in the book you will get the full history behind and further instructions on how to bury the St Joseph statue.

Also includes more prayers for your believe in Saint Joseph and your home sale.

  • Saint Joseph Home Sellers Kit includes:
  • One painted 4″ St. Joseph statue
  • Color Prayer Card
  • Burial Instructions

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