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St George – The Roman Soldier

Historical Background

Saint George of Nicomedia, was born of a noble Christian family, a son to a Roman soldier from Cappadocia and a Palestinian mother. He practically grew up as a humble Christian boy who held on to those beliefs. He lost his father Gerontuis, at an early age and later on, his mother Polychronia. He chose to go to the city and join the profession that his father chose. Since his father was a famous soldier, he found favor with Diocletian, the Emperor of his time. With a lot of training and commitment to the man who was once his father’s employer, he quickly rose to one of the heads of his strongest army forces.

St. George’s martyrdom

He was to later become an Imperial guard of the emperor and his faith in Christ grew just as strong, before he turned thirty years of age. Trouble started when the Emperor’s associations with a confidante of his named Galerius, introduced the pagan religion in the army and started forcing the soldiers to convert to paganism. This was met with a lot of opposition, specifically from the Christian soldiers who believed in the freedom of worship and were not willing to obey the order. It was then that the Emperor, citing fallout by some of his army men issued an arrest of all the Christian soldiers.

He went ahead and forced them including the others to offer sacrifices to his pagan gods as a sign of reverence. George, whose faith gave him courage in all what he did, objected to this decree by his ruler to his face. He declared to him and his fellow soldiers who served under him that he worshipped Jesus Christ only and to him would he offer any sacrifice. This act incensed the emperor but he realized he risked losing his best official as well as the loyalty of a legion of his finest army men. The Emperor later resulted to making grand offerings of material wealth and slaves to him, including land, money and precious metals, just to make him offer a sacrifice to his gods, but he remained steadfast and unflinching.
The Emperor threatened him with death but he would not waver in his resolve. The Emperor was left with no option but to have him executed for his disobedience. George was aware of what would happen to him and therefore gathered all his worldly possessions. He went out to the poor and gave them all he had and secluded himself to a life of prayer and preparation. George underwent a series of torture sessions that had him get resuscitated up to three times, each of which he was asked to give in and offer a sacrifice to the pagans. His body was slashed with a customized torture wheel of swords that decapitated him in front of the city wall in full view of many witnesses.

This brave act influenced many people, among them the Empress Alexandra to join Christianity and lose their lives for their faith. This sheer, relentless faith in Christ makes Christians to ask for St George’s intercession in various Novenas in their difficult times, or when their faith, hope, belief, or resolve is being tested. He conquered what most people could never withstand, and through his example many a faithful draw strength.

Steven Fisher


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